What should I do if my track is invalid?

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If you see a yellow exclamation point on any of your tracks, it means that there are data for your track that don’t correspond to the activity marked. Invalid tracks don't count towards rankings or challenges and aren’t added to your overall statistics. 


If you think there’s an error and that the track is valid, you can request it to be reviewed again by clicking on the exclamation point. Once you’ve done that, the track will be reviewed again and you’ll receive a response from our Customer Care team.

Here are some of the reasons why your track may be invalid:

  • Track registered outside the resort boundary: If for any reason you register your track outside the track boundary, your track will count as invalid and cannot be validated. If you record the whole track inside de resort domain, contact our Customer Care team to check it.

  • Maximum speed: If your track has exceeded the maximum speed set by the system, it will be considered invalid, the speed can be checked and depending on whether it is correct or not it can be validated. Please contact our Customer Care team to check it.

  • Duration: The record of tracks that exceeds 48h cannot be considered as valid.

  • More than one device: If you have used more than one device to record the track at the same time, and with the same user, the one with less time or less distance will be invalid and it can not be validated.

  • No statistics: If your track has not been registered with statistics it means that you have had a gps coverage problem and it has not been registered correctly, therefore it will be invalid.

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