First steps with your Skitude account

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Welcome to Skitude! The world’s largest community of skiers and snowboarders. Now that you’re a member, we’ll start with what's most important: What can you do with your Skitude account?

Track your activity on the slopes

Would you like to know all the details about your latest activity on the slopes? Open the app's tracker and get detailed statistics about your runs. You can see how much vertical drop you’ve skied, your speeds, the total distance logged and much more!

Compete with the entire Skitude community

Enter the classifications for the ski resort, compare your results with those of other users and try to become the season leader.

Win prizes for your runs

Do you want your activity to be rewarded? Sign up for the ski resort’s challenges and try to beat them. You’ll be entered into drawings for many prizes, and who knows? You could win incredible prizes!


1. How to correctly configure your device and your account to use Skitude

Your Skitude account comes will all its configurations set to private as a default. You can use it to log your activity, take photos and see your statistics, but you won't be able to participate in challenges or see yourself on the resort’s leader boards. Your activity will be private and only you will have access to it.

To enjoy everything that Skitude has to offer without any limits, we recommend setting your profile to public. How to do it?

  • Go into your My Skitude profile
  • Select the settings button to the right of your profile picture
  • Click on “Privacy” and make your activity public
  • Then select the section “Make all my activity public” so that all your tracks count towards leaders classifications and all the challenges you participate in.

2. How to participate in challenges and see yourself in classifications

To participate in challenges and appear in the classification tables you have to set your profile to public.

Go into the “Challenges” section that you’ll find at the bottom of the screen. Explore all the prizes at play and participate in the ones you like best. To participate, select the challenge and click on “Participate”. Then all the tracks you do will be computed for the challenge.

3. How to configure your device and GPS for proper app functionality

Android: To make sure that your activity is properly logged:

  • Activate localisation for the app
  • Activate GPS, in high precision mode if possible
  • Disable battery optimisation
  • Disable energy savings
  • You can find more information at the following link.

iOS: You must have localisation activated at least while the app is being used.

4. How to log your activity

Select the central “Record” button. On the bottom right you can configure which activity you’ll be doing: Alpine skiing, Snowboarding, Skimo, etc. Once you're ready, select “Start”. You can pause your track at any time without negatively affecting it. You can also access other sections of the app while it’s logging without the track stopping. It will only stop when you click on “Finish”.

Afterwards, you’ll be able to edit the type of activity done again and decide whether or not to save the track in your "My Skitude" profile.

5. How to find and follow your friends from your Skitude profile

Find and follow all your friends. To do so, select the central “Actions” button and click on “Contacts”, then enter the “Add contact” section. Look for your friends and send them a friend request. You’ll receive a notification when they have accepted your request and you’ll be able to see all their activity on the timeline.

6. Which apps is my Skitude profile compatible with?

Your Skitude account is compatible with the world’s largest network of official ski resort apps. If you have more than one app, your profile with automatically synchronise in all of them. Explore all the apps that are compatible with Skitude.

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