First steps with Skitude Premium

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Welcome to Skitude Premium! 

  1. Detailed stats for every descent completed
  2. Speed Heatmaps
  3. Play back your tracks in 3D
  4. Apple Watch Synchronisation

And now, if you’re thinking, if I have to pay for all these features is Skitude not free anymore? Well that’s not the case. With Skitude you’ll find the same features you’ve always had every season without having to pay anything. For anyone like us who’s interested in going a step further, Skitude Premium is the answer, with more features to offer you experiences with no limits and even more fun.

Let's go!

Detailed stats for every run

Skitude Premium lets you take your skiing to the next level. Just as with the free account, the App allows you to track your activity and get stats, such as accumulated gradient, tracked speed and number of runs made. Now, with Skitude Premium your tracks are also divided up into runs, so you get more detailed stats for each run you’ve made.

And that's not all! For the whole of your track and for each run, you can check out the slopes you've skied down to see specific information about each one: difficulty, altitude, distance, time tracked and speed.

How do I access all this information?

  • Open your Skitude profile and choose the track you want to analyse
  • You’ll see that the same familiar interface opens, with the difference being that there are more options in the tabulator above the track map
  • Open the central tab in the tabulator to view your runs listed in order of difficulty

Once opened, you’ll see that the App shows a wealth of data:

RUN DETAIL BY DIFFICULTY: This shows the percentage of runs made with for each colour of slope and allows you to analyse your track level in a very visual way.

MOST SKIED SLOPES: Select “see more” to view all the slopes you’ve skied.

RUN DETAIL: In this section you’ll see the details of every descent made.

  • Select “see more” to view all your runs
  • Click on the run you want to analyse
  • Get information on: distance recorded on each slope, gradient, tracked speed.


Speed Heatmaps

Heatmaps are a really useful way of analysing the speed recorded at each point of your track in a very visual way.

How do they work?

The App records the speed at every point of the track using a colour, according to a colour scale. Higher speeds are shown as warmer colours and lower speeds as cold colours.

To open your general track heatmap, just follow these steps:

  • Open the track you want to analyse
  • Select the track map
  • Click on the tab in the lower right-hand corner

You can also open the heatmaps for each run made. To do this you just:

  • Go to the dropdown menu with a breakdown of descents (Learn more)
  • Select the run you want to analyse
  • Click on the track map
  • Select the tab in the lower right-hand corner


Playing your tracks back in 3D

One of the great features of Skitude Premium is being able to play your tracks back in 3D. At the end of your day’s skiing, the App will create a 3D video of your track which you can share with the Skitude community and/or on social media.

How to open it: To open any 3D playback of your tracks:

  • Select the track you want to analyse in your My Skitude profile
  • In the tabulator above the track map, select the tab "3D” on the right
  • The track will play back automatically

How to share your video: Have you seen a video you like? You can share it in just a few easy clicks:

  • Select the tab in the lower right-hand corner
  • You’ll receive a notification telling you that your video is being processed. This will only take a couple of minutes. When it's done, you’ll receive another notification telling you the video is ready to be shared
  • Once you receive this notification, select the same tab as before (in the lower right-hand corner) and select where you want to share it

Where it can be used

3D track playback is only available if your activity takes place at a ski resort. So, if you decide to record a track outside the ski resort area, you won't have access to this feature.

You can find this feature available for all winter sports.

Apple Watch Synchronisation

Last but not least, Skitude Premium also lets you control the GPS Tracker with your Apple Watch. In this way, tracking on the slopes is much easier and all your progress information is available on your own wrist. What's more, you save your iPhone battery and don't have to carry it around with you. All the information is automatically synchronised with your account.

App Features Without having to use your mobile, select the activity you want to track and control it using your watch. With the Apple watch App you can:

  • Select the activity you’re going to record
  • Play, pause or completely stop your track
  • Get real-time track information like: time, distance or speed

When you finish your track, all the information will be saved in your My Skitude profile. You can open all the other features with your fully charged mobile. Cool, isn't it?

How do I synchronise my watch?

To synchronise your watch and your mobile, follow these steps:

  • Open your My Skitude profile
  • Go to the settings tab that you'll find to the right of your profile picture
  • Select App settings
  • If you have Skitude Premium, you'll see a tick on the right in the Apple Watch section. Click to open the menu
  • Open the Skitude App on your watch and select settings (on your mobile) to synchronise your Apple watch for the first time. B: This step can only be done with the two devices together and open at the same time.
  • Once linked, you’ll see a "ready" tab appear on your mobile. Select the tab to complete the synchronisation.
  • When you quit the menu, your Apple watch should be completely synchronised. To open the other features, you’ll no longer need to open them on your mobile. Track, compete and win prizes, whilst saving your phone battery at the same time;)


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